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AI safety net for your sales team - never miss a data entry or follow up, ever!

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Save up to 8 hours per week

NotesAlly helps sales teams maximize their productivity by automating action items on Salesforce.

Enhance your CRM Hygiene

Anxiety while opening CRM in front of leaders? Sales reps missing out on critical updates in CRM? You could remove the ickiness from post-call data entry for your sales reps.

Get your CRM data organized and updated with the help of NotesAlly! We will keep your data fresh and clean so you can present it to leadership.

With NotesAlly, you can stay confident in your pipeline and always have an accurate forecast.


Increase the close rate, not the burn rate

Want more wins from your team but hate to see them burning out? It is no secret sales reps need to spend more time in selling than other data-entry workloads of sales reps.

You could save upto 8 hours per week by gifting NotesAlly to your team members. NotesAlly’s AI acts as a safety net for your sales reps to not miss any data entry or a follow up task.


Entire Sales team on the Same Page

Losing customers because some reps take time to handle objections? Or, did your reps recently share the old pricing model to a prospect.

Arm your sales team with objection handling tactics and relevant info on-demand using NotesAlly’s battle cards. Just like cloning your best sales reps.


Never miss an important follow up!

Prospect went cold because your team missed sending that case study? Embarrassed in a demo because the infrastructure team wasn’t notified of scaling requirements?

You could eliminate these awkward moments by NotesAlly’s automatic action item suggestions, right from your call notes. Improve close rates by making every prospect feel valued. The fortune is in the follow up!


Close more deals with NotesAlly.

7 day free trial (create upto 5 users) • No credit card required • Login with Salesforce

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