How To Eliminate Manual Note Entry For Better Salesforce Optimization

More and more businesses today are starting to use technology-based automation in their processes. It has driven various aspects of business operation streamlining, including the sales process, by eliminating tasks and bringing in more time and energy to focus on the parts of the job that actually drive results.

One study shows that 61% of businesses that use business automation exceeded their revenue targets back in 2020. The benefits of automation are undeniable — they bring huge to a company and help it grow more with lesser cost and manpower.

Boosting Sales Productivity by Eliminating Manual Admin Tasks

Companies are always on the lookout for methods of improving sales force productivity. More commonly, sales managers and directors might do that by eliminating administrative tasks to give sales teams more time to network, take inbound inquiries, jump on calls, strategize, upskill, and so on.

If you’re looking to boost sales team productivity, start looking into automating administrative tasks like data encoding, note-taking, and so on. One amazing tool that can help with that is Notesally, a sales enablement platform that automates encoding and note-taking processes on Salesforce.

What’s with Salesforce and CRM Technologies?

With all the digitization that’s happening in the business world, client relationship management platforms, or CRM for short, have been the centerpiece for most sales operations online. What it does is helps with leads management and tracking and moving them up a sales pipeline while tracking things like email conversations, tasks, notes, and so on.

The big bottleneck with CRM platforms like Salesforce, though, is that there’s a lot of admin work attached to it. That’s why sales teams have been flocking to third-party apps that can help remove some of the administrative load so that agents can start focusing on the tasks that drive the most results like follow-ups, onboarding, and so on.

Applications of Automated Note Entry for Sales

So how can we improve sales force productivity using a note entry automation software? Here are four case scenarios for sales agents and teams in order to streamline the administrative side of the sales process and focus on the activities that matter most in a company’s sales force.

Automate note-adding

Documentation is a necessary part of sales, no doubt. But it’s something that many professionals miss out on most of the time. Or in some cases, those notes could get lost somewhere and not get translated into the sales funneling process. Keeping track of this step can take precious time from agents that they could be using to learn sales, strategize, and make sales calls.

With automated note-adding, sales agents can take notes on one platform and have them automatically copied into their CRM so that they don’t have to manually copy and paste them to different parts of the dashboard.

Auto-filling fields

The cornerstone of a lead management process is collecting people’s information. Many leads fall out of the funnel because some information was lacking. With a solution that automatically fills out fields for someone on Salesforce, sales teams have the assurance that no leads will fall out of the pipeline because their information wasn’t logged.

If you’re looking for ways on how to improve sales performance from a team, start looking into a program that could automatically harvest information from a sales call, document, or email and then automatically put it into a sales CRM. IT saves a significant amount of time and headspace in the long run.

Insights for better strategies

Learning how to improve sales force productivity and performance hinges on a team’s ability to strategize better. And data and analytics are keys to better strategies. With note entry solutions, CRM platforms become more robust as people can now put in more data and information that could help inform sales teams on better approaches when calling up potential leads.

You can also have a solution scour for information that could give more insight into a potential lead. Say for instance you’re a logistics servicing company. Information like the average supply chain logistics salary, what educational background they usually have, their most common pain points, and so on help build out a customer persona that can help you customize your sales calls more.

Action step builder

Another sales activity that often gets missed out on is follow-through. The first call goes well, but a few questions and requests get thrown to the sales team only to fall through the cracks. With automated notes taking software, your team can have a solution that takes action steps and automatically puts them into a task management system to ensure that potential customers get the service and clarity they need to move forward with a transaction.

Business Sales and Automation

Lead to cash process automation will grow by 15% between 2020 and 2023, making it a necessary aspect of business technology. If you haven’t used CRMS and automation tools, now might be the best time to start exploring the possibilities.

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