The Notesally Tribe

Kamal Raj Sekar


Vivek Ganesan


Akshay Sushir

Software Engineer

The Notesally Story

During the ideation phase, we were looking at different SaaS products to identify what new things we could add to the market. That’s when we decided that we want to build something for sales professionals. We spoke to various sales professionals from different organizations to understand the products they used and the challenges. Ideas started flowing in whether to create a CRM, or a meeting tool, or an analytics tool for the sales leadership.

But we realized that there was one issue that was common for most of the sales professionals was that they spent a lot of time recording & updating information in their sales CRM. We started looking for blogs on a similar issue, and we found plenty of them. Many sales professionals were writing about it. On average, a sales professional spent 8 hours a week updating his sales CRM. That’s when we knew we had to do something about it and the journey of Notesally started.

Notesally is a sales enablement app designed for sales professionals to do their work more efficiently. We aim to bring down the time taken to record and update information in sales CRMs to a few seconds.