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that saves up to 8 hours per week and automates action items on Salesforce

Use NotesAlly to update Salesforce, log sales calls, and create follow-up tasks in one go.

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Connect NotesAlly with Salesforce and enable your sales team to be more efficient.

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Don't waste time in Data Entry

Log your call and leave the data entry to us. Save time after each call.

Focus more on selling and engaging more with prospects. Execute automated actions in Salesforce and operate at high productivity.

  • Update Fields
  • Add Contacts
  • Create Follow-up Tasks
  • Record Logs
  • And much more..

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Have Answers to all Customer Queries

Create personalized sales battle cards to use during calls. Take the help of AVIAN and do more Closed Wons

AVIAN is your sales ally. You can associate reference points & battle cards with certain keywords and store them with AVIAN.

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Eliminate manual data entry.

Fill your Salesforce with automation. Use Notes and update multiple fields at once.

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Don't juggle between multiple tabs on Salesforce

Update your pipeline in a single tab. Put time back in your day.

Update opportunities in Salesforce without opening Salesforce. Do 1-click edits in your personalized dashboard.

With NotesAlly's consolidated opportunities view, you could
  • Update opportunity stage
  • Set closure date
  • Add amount
  • And much more...

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